Canadian jazz singer, performer & entertainer Dan Julien is making a name for himself in the Canadian music scene. 

Raised in a musical family, Dan was surrounded by the soulful melodies & lyrics of music performed by the greats in classical, soul/blues, jazz, & rock n’ roll genres, he naturally took to music with an ear for its beauty. 

He began to play electric guitar at the age of fourteen, & the alto saxophone at the age of fifteen. It wasn’t until age sixteen when Daniel had discovered his love for voice. Starting in music lessons with his sister’s vocal coach, he quickly gained the skills necessary to join city-wide & provincial competitions. 

He had been able to sing anything from Classical to Opera to Jazz repertoire in a variety of languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Latin & French. 

Daniel now performs on stages in Ontario, Canada focusing on his love for Jazz & Blues and has been described as: 

“Dan’s performance is toe tapping from start to finish, with velvety vocals, free-flowing charisma & a demeanour that rivals Sinatra himself!” 

Daniel looks forward to bringing a fresh, new twist to the Canadian and Global music scene through his love of performance. 


Origin: Toronto, ON 

Genre: Jazz/Swing 

Years Active: 2017-Present 




Dan Julien |  danjulienmusic@gmail.com416.684.6795


Dan Julien - Self-Represented