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Francis Albert Sinatra: A Mentor to Many

Frank Sinatra.

A man who was once foreign to me became one of the most prominent figures in my life. This man set a standard of how people consumed music, entertainment and the art of performance.

My introduction to Mr. Sinatra, was through the admiration of the one and only Michael Bublé, a man I’m sure most of you know, and if you don’t, just listen to one of his classic Christmas Albums, they are straight fire. 😉 Bublé, a Canadian, hailing from Burnaby, BC, paved the way for many to remember and bring back the music performed by the greats, especially the original “Rat Pack” which included Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra.

I recall listening to his rendition of “That’s Life” off his “Call me Irresponsible” album in 2007, in my bedroom for the first time. This, was when I knew I had a love for this style of music.

I immediately got into other artists such as Bobby Darin, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, and the top of it all Frank Sinatra. I adored the classic, crisp, fresh, and classy approach that Sinatra and the crooners always had for the music they sang.

There was a sense of pride and joy in it. Frank had an intense respect for the writers, and musicians he worked with. I also couldn’t help but notice (with my classical background) his knack for crisp, clear words, which I appreciated. Class, charm, style, coolness, and wow factor. Who wouldn’t want to be Sinatra? He had it all.

This is when I knew, this would be a tough pursuit, but somehow, some day this is what I wanted. To be a performer, musician and entertainer, just like Sinatra. My DREAM was now clear and a possible reality for me.

- Dan Julien

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